Thursday, May 17, 2018

Device Spotlight – Meet the Xerox Versant 3100

Is your organization ready to achieve optimal workflow efficiency through high-impact automation?
Making the jump from conventional multifunction devices to a full-fledged production printer is a big decision. It's also cause for celebration – installing a printing press like the Xerox Versant 3100 is a sure sign of expansion and growth.
This printer uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled performance. With breakneck print speeds capable of approaching 100 pages per minute, automatic color calibration, and support for ultra-high-resolution printing, this device is in a class all of its own.
The Versant 3100 combines several innovative Xerox technologies to produce results that competing models cannot match. It outperforms every other printer in its price range in key areas of automation, paper handling, and image resolution.
With the ability to deliver up to 250,000 pages per month of vivid, high-resolution print with unprecedented image consistency, it is the top choice for discriminating enterprises and organizations. It will give you the power you need to move marketing and promotional material processes entirely in-house, generating significant cost-savings and making your team less reliant on third-party print houses.

Industry-Leading Resolution Bit Depth Comes Standard

When Xerox says that the Versant 3100 offers the best image resolution in the print industry, it is not an exaggeration. This printer supports 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution, but the true power of Xerox innovation is in the image bit depth.
Printers create images by layering individual dots of color on an imaginary grid. Conventional printing presses use 8-bit print engines to determine the exact hue of each dot. Eight bits of information translates to 256 distinct, individual states. An 8-bit print engine chooses the closest hue to the original image's color from among the 256 possible hues it can generate.
The Versant 3100 features a standard bit rate of 10. That means that every single dot it places on the 2400 x 2400 grid is colored from a selection of 1024 individual hues. This printer generates images with color depth and vibrancy four times greater than any other printer on the market.

Process Automation for Color Calibration and Registration

The Xerox Versant 3100 is not just a leader in terms of image quality. It is also a highly efficient, automated print production workhorse that uses world-class engineering to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to produce top-quality prints.
One of the ways it does this is by automatically calibrating itself before print runs. Thanks to the inclusion of a Full Width Array and Xerox Automated Color Quality software, your print operator can save hours of time checking color table references and simply let the machine take care of calibration itself.
The Full Width Array also fine-tunes dot density uniformity, which safeguards image quality across the entire page. This prevents washed-out areas from popping up on individual pages – a frustrating yet commonplace occurrence in high-volume print environments.
The Versant 3100 also features automated image-to-media alignment that eliminates the risk of costly registration errors ruining entire print batches. Anyone with experience in a high-volume print shop knows that a tiny degree of image skew can quickly turn into a massive problem when dealing with large print runs. The Versant 3100 automates error-prone and time-consuming tasks for you.

Clear Paper Jams Easily with Automatic Sheet Clearing

Another time-saving innovation the Xerox Versant 3100 features is automatic sheet clearing. In the world of print, paper jams are the ultimate challenge. A jam at the wrong moment can ruin mission-critical print runs, and so far, the premise of a guaranteed paper-jam-free printer remains out of reach.
However, there are ways to minimize the damage and frustration the paper jams cause, and the Versant 3100 is a shining example of how this can be done. If the printing press stops in the middle of a print run because of a jam, it automatically ejects all sheets in the paper path to its top trays.
This means that the operator does not have to open every single printer door and scour the entire paper path to free papers from inside the machine before starting the run again. Clearing a paper jam from a high-volume printing press used to be a time-consuming waste – now it takes mere seconds.
With compatibility for paper weights of up to 300 gsm, there is no better first-time production printer on the market than the Xerox Versant 3100. Incorporate this tool in your arsenal and you will observe an exponential increase in productivity and efficiency from your print room.
Is it time for your company to make the jump from desktop printing to high-impact, high-volume, value-generating printing of in-house marketing materials and booklets? Talk to us!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Speaking of Work – Did You Get Your Free Copy?

Xerox spent 2017 hard at work. Between updating the ConnectKey App Gallery to provide new,
innovative functionalities and putting together the foundation of its merger with Fuji Xerox, the
company also engaged world-class authors in an impressive project called Set the Page Free.
The project culminated with the release of a collaborative ebook written by 14 world-famous
creators in a globe-spanning process that made full use of Xerox technology. The ebook, entitled
Speaking of Work, is now available for free download, as well.
Speaking of Work is the product of Xerox's commitment to advancing and developing methods
of communication. Streamlining the exchange of ideas has always been a core foundation of
Xerox's business objectives, from the world-changing invention of the Xerox 914 to the release
of ConnectKey.
To make this book possible, the company equipped 14 world-class creators with Xerox technology
and sponsored the creation of a collaborative work. In collaboration with Worldreader and the
92nd Street Y, the company succeeded in putting together a new process-oriented workflow that
is location- and language-independent.

Who Worked on Speaking of Work?

Many of the creators who contributed to Speaking of Work hail from the world of literature.
For example, Alain Mabanckou (Broken Glass, Black Bazar), Joyce Carol Oates (We Were
the Mulvaneys, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?), and Sloane Crosley (The Clasp,
I Was Told There'd Be Cake) contributed.
But it is not just a collaborative work of highly regarded authors. Award-winning graphic designer
Chip Kidd and singer-songwriter Aimee Mann contributed as well. Each individual has a story to tell
and uses the framework Xerox provided to tell it.

State-of-the-Art Collaboration Made Possible by Xerox

Xerox dedicated eight technologies to the making of Speaking of Work.
• Xerox ConnectKey. ConnectKey was an integral part of the Speaking of Work workflow. It provided
the contributors with a reliable framework for remote collaboration using ConnectKey-enabled
multifunction devices.
• Print Authentication. Authors sharing their creative works with one another from halfway across
the globe need to be sure their words end up in the right hands. Xerox print authentication ensures
that each user has complete control over who, how, and when their data is shared.
• Xerox DocuShare Flex. DocuShare Flex is a collaborative platform that uses cloud technology to
offer document management to remote teams. It was a critical element of the collaborative
workflow that produced this book.
• Voice Recognition. The authors who contributed to Speaking of Work did not need to remember
and type out 14 different email addresses or workgroup configurations to collaborate with one
another. Voice recognition technology let them simply call one another by name when sending
manuscripts back and forth.
• Xerox Easy Translator. Not all of the authors included write exclusively in English. Valeria Luiselli
wrote her most well-known works in Spanish. Born in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, Alain
Mabanckou writes in French and speaks several Bantu languages. Xerox Easy Translator offers
on-the-spot translation for easy and accurate cross-cultural communication.
• Print by Xerox. The Print by Xerox app allows mobile users to directly print and scan documents
from any Android or iOS device. With this tool in hand, users have unlimited access to print
resources anywhere they go, allowing for unprecedented on-the-job flexibility.
• Xerox Print and Scan for Google Drive. Some of the book's collaborators already use Google
Drive, and others were unfamiliar with the platform. Xerox bridged the gap between both camps
by allowing the entire team to integrate intuitively with Google Drive.
• Xerox Print and Scan for DropBox. Xerox ConnectKey works with all major cloud storage
platforms, including DropBox. By enabling easy, intuitive access to every platform, contributors
with entirely different workflows could easily communicate with each another.

The Cause: Developing Worldwide Literacy

Set the Page Free is the product of a partnership between Xerox, Worldreader, and the 92nd
Street Y. Together, these organizations are working towards a better future – a world in which
illiteracy is eradicated and education is available for everyone.
Worldreader, with the help of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, offers 40,000+ book titles to a
world community of over 500,000 readers. Founded in 2010, the organization has reached a
total of 7.5 million individuals during the course of its activities, providing books and e-readers
to people living in areas without access to libraries or sufficient municipal infrastructure for literacy.
The 92nd Street Y is a world-class cultural and community center in New York City. It runs
education outreach programs focused on bringing literacy to the disadvantaged, helping both
children and adults to learn to read and write.

Are you ready to set the page free and implement on-the-go creativity for your employees?
Talk to a QBSI-Xerox expert about your needs and we'll develop a Xerox-powered solution for you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Now of Inkjet – Xerox Trivor 2400

If you think inkjet printing hasn’t changed in recent years then you haven’t seen the major steps made by the Xerox Trivor 2400 HF Inkjet Press. This incredible machine has been designed to be scalable and can fit into busy operations to meet the needs of your business. High performance doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when describing the Xerox Trivor 2400. Let’s take a closer look.

Enjoy Modern Comforts with Professional Results

The press interface manages everything from a sleek hub attached to the Trivor 2400. This hub has the capability to manage multiple data streams and can be scaled to suit all configurations available with this press. Color management capabilities are also offered through the interface. With this press interface you have smarter, more capable management right at your fingertips. A modern user interface also makes operation more simple and intuitive. The technology you interact with should match the technology packed into this press. Instead of fumbling through poorly designed menus, you can easily interact with the Trivor 2400 to get the job done quickly and easily.

The Web Cleaner - Amazing Results from a New Design

This essential piece of equipment controls and cleans dirt and any contamination within the printer’s web (or rolls) – ultimately improving productivity. The newly designed web cleaner may catch some off guard. The size has been reduced greatly from other web cleaners you may have seen in the past. The technology used to clean the web before printing is much like a lint roller. The sticky surface of the roller can pick up even the smallest particles from the web before the ink is applied. This ensures the best, most consistent printing results.

High Speed, High Capacity

The Xerox Trivor 2400 can manage up to 250 feet per minute of color printing. This is partly due to the new high speed, high capacity dryers that are present within the press. Print more with professional results free of smudging or smearing thanks to the newly designed dryers that are ready to keep up with whatever you have to throw at them. Both infrared and forced air is used to get the job done as fast as possible.
The single tower setup makes the Trivor 2400 a powerful machine with a surprisingly small footprint. This is truly a next generation press from the incredible features right down to the stunning appearance.

Automated Optimization On-The-Fly

The intelligent scan bar is automatically able to optimize printing without outside input. This massively increases productivity and efficiency with the ultimate goal of producing the best results possible. The scanner can detect any missing jets and compensate during printing. In addition, the intelligent scan bar is able to manage density optimization automatically. All of this happens without user input or effort. The Xerox Trivor 2400 makes getting quality printing work completed easier than ever.

More Options, Less Headache

The HD Inks used in the Trivor 2400 allow you to use a wider range of media types. There is no need to only use inkjet treated stock to guarantee the best results. You can now also use untreated or offset coated stock as well as inkjet treated stock with matte, silk, or gloss finishes for your printing job. This ultimately allows for greater flexibility and control when planning each individual job.
The Trivor 2400 has also been designed to be scalable and customizable. This means you can choose the right setup for today while also giving yourself the opportunity to upgrade in the future as required. This makes the cost of scaling much more easy to manage and also makes it faster to implement upgrades in order to manage your growing business. Plus, as technology evolves, you will be able to implement and scale accordingly without feeling left behind.

Endless Printing Possibilities

The speed, capacity, scalability, and flexibility of the Xerox Trivor 2400 is perfect for production printing applications no matter what your needs are. The new inks available can help you reduce paper costs and expand application possibilities when printing to ensure no need is left unsatisfied. Plus, on-the-fly automation and optimization reduces the need for outside processes that could delay or slow down printing. Instead, your businesses efficiency is put top-of-mind with the latest printing technology available in an all-in-one solution.
Want to learn more about the incredible Xerox Trivor 2400? Contact QBSI-Xerox for a thorough introduction and benefits analysis. Discover how this next generation technology can take your production printing business to the next level.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

How to Tackle Your To-Do List Rather Than Your To-Don’t List

Chances are you begin the day like many working people. You sit down with a cup of coffee and build a to-do list for the day. You do this knowing full well that there are a hundred and one tasks that will come up throughout the day that will take your attention away from your to-do list. Obviously this is an inconvenience but many people don’t consider these distractions as the productivity and efficiency-killing tasks that they are. How can you stay on top your to-do list and kick the distractions of the to-don’t list to the curb? Here are some tips!

Rank Your To-Do List

One of the best ways to increase productivity when working from a to-do list is to rank the items on the to-do list. If you just write down a massive list of items and hope to get all of the tasks done before the end of the day then you have not set yourself up for success. Put your most important tasks at the top of the list and work your way down. This way, you will be less tempted to slide additional tasks into the list and ruin your flow.
Some people prefer to begin their list with a quick task that they can easily strike off the list. This is a personal choice and depends on your own work style and motivation level. If you like starting the day by striking something off your to-do list early, then create your list accordingly. However, some people may find it more rewarding to put a difficult or urgent task at the top of the list to get that off their mind as early as possible. Experiment with creating your list and ranking tasks to see what works best for your own personal situation.

Include Less Items on Your List

It sounds crazy, right? Putting fewer tasks on your to-do list in order to increase productivity sounds like putting less gas in your car in order to go further. However, creating a realistic to-do list is very important when it comes to actually getting down to work. If you throw everything and the kitchen sink onto your to-do list then it will only seem daunting. Not to mention, there’s no possible way to actually complete your to-do list in one day. The result can be a defeated or helpless feeling. In addition, you may spend more time stressing about how you can possibly get all tasks done than you spend on actually getting things done. Unreasonable to-do lists quickly become vicious, self-defeating circles.
What you should focus on is building a to-do list that will help make you feel accomplished at the end of the day. When you come into work the next day you will be riding the high of your success from the previous day. They say success breeds more success and this often rings true for to-do lists.

Schedule Time for Breaks

A to-do list can look like a wall of work and uncompleted tasks. Depending on your own personal work style and mindset, looking at a full to-do list can feel stressful, draining, and daunting. It’s also unrealistic to expect yourself to work at peak efficiency throughout the day without a break. Take time to schedule breaks and use available tools to track your breaks and work productivity.
One work and break method that a lot of people find very effective is the Pomodoro Technique. Using this technique you work in short bursts rather than long marathons. People typically focus on a task for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Every 4 work sessions earns a longer break that’s about 15 to 30 minutes in length. Use these short breaks to grab coffee or water and take a short walk away from your workstation. There are browser extensions that can help you track your work and breaks to ensure you stick to your scheduled breaks.

Schedule an End Time and Scheduling Time

There are studies that suggest the 8 hour workday is not the most effective way to work. However, now may not be the right time for a workplace revolution within your office. Instead, recognize that you cannot work forever and schedule an end time on your to-do list. If things are not complete then they will simply have to be pushed to another day. Would you rather do something right when you’re feeling refreshed or just do something because it was on a list?
In addition, you should also schedule time to make a schedule. Make time at the beginning or end of each day to build your to-do list. If you don’t schedule some scheduling time then you will just end up doing it outside of your work schedule or you will put off to-do list tasks to get scheduling done.

What’s on Your List?

If assessing the technology in your office is on your to-do list then we can help. Contact QBSI-Xerox and get our experts working for you to tackle some of the biggest tasks on your list.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Efficiencies Gained From Workplace Automation

Every business from the smallest mom and pop shops to the largest enterprise is constantly looking for ways to increase their workplace efficiency. With today’s technology, automation is often the top choice for businesses that are looking to increase efficiency. However, what kind of automation will provide the best results and what kinds of new efficiencies can businesses expect? Will the time and budget cost meet expectations? Before you jump into automation, it’s important to understand the efficiencies your business can gain.

Enjoy Automated Quality Assurance

No matter what business you are in you probably care a lot about the quality of service delivered to your clients or customers. This is the reason brands like McDonalds and Starbucks have grown to be as large as they have. The quality is predictable and repeatable no matter what location you visit. Using automation you can guarantee timelines and, in turn, quality for a wide range of tasks.
One of the top customer service complaints is slow response time. Automated email follow ups, automated tasks, and automated service options are all ways to reduce instances of this type of complaint. Automating small tasks can improve quality, efficiency, and reduce customer complaints. The reduction in complaints could then mean less time spent resolving customer issues which is another efficiency gain in itself.

Automation Can Drastically Reduce Costs

There are a variety of businesses in operation today across all industries. Despite their countless differences, there is one thing that rings true for every single business in existence; you need to make more money than you spend. When decision makers look at automation solutions, the usual reason is to find efficiencies in their business and, ultimately, save money. The million dollar question is obviously, “Does automation actually save money?”
Estimates suggest that automation can equal cost savings of up to 75%. That’s a significant consideration for any business no matter its size or operating budget. Those cost savings can be redirected into new products, expansion, pay raises, additional hiring, or any number of other business expenses.

Turn Downtime into Work Time

Most people don’t work non-stop throughout their day from 9 until 5. There are a number of personal or work tasks that take attention away from activities that actually contribute to the success of the business. Of course, automation can’t make lazy people work any harder. However, with employees admitting to wasting up to one hour per day, automation can turn wasted down time into productive work time.
Think about your own business for a moment. Are there tasks that could be automated which would then free up employees to increase their productivity? Do some “time wasting” tasks often take precedence over other, more important tasks? Automation may not kill off online shopping on work hours, but automation can help you streamline your operation and make the most of your employee’s time on the clock.

Dress for Success with Automation

You have probably heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Workplace automation is like a fancy, three piece suit. An efficient workplace is a professional workplace. Who do you think your clients want to do business with: the business with automated, timely processes or the business that always seems to be flying by the seat of its pants?
Simple tasks like automated service reminders, regular follow ups after a sale has been made, or tracking and replenishment of supply can go a long way in presenting a professional appearance to your clients. Not only that, but automating these tasks gives your employees more time to do what they do best which is enhance the customer experience through personal connections. While your competition has their employees running around putting out fires or completing mundane tasks, your employees are networking and building relationships. What scenario do you think adds to the bottom line?

Embrace the Automated Workplace

Workplace automation is coming whether you want to embrace it not. Will you be on the cutting edge or playing catch up? Automation does not have to be a scary word. It does not mean job loss or workforce reduction. What automation does allow is for machines and technology to complete simple tasks while leaving humans to focus on providing superior service levels.
How will you integrate automation into your workplace? QBSI-Xerox can help you ensure your workplace is ready for the future. Contact us and see the automation solutions you can integrate today as well as how you can ensure you’re ready for the next big thing before your competitors.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Why Choose the Océ Colorwave and Plotwave Wide-Format Printers?

The time has never been better to invest in a wide-format printer.
Whether creating external presentation materials or large plots for internal use, the ability to leverage fast turnaround and consumable efficiency is an important benefit that no organization can overlook.
The Canon Océ product line is leading the way in delivering quick turnarounds and best-in-class cost-effectiveness. Whether printing color or monochrome wide-format documents, you can rely on Canon's industry expertise to fulfill your expectations.
Each of these large format printers come with Canon's industry-leading ClearConnect software technology, which combines multi-touch gesture compatibility with best-in-class security features for the modern workplace. These printers support disk encryption, access management protocols, and feature removable hard drives.

The Canon Océ Colorwave 500 – Top-Quality Prints Delivered Quickly

One of the most valuable offerings in the Océ product line is the Colorwave 500. This color printer offers world-class print speed – up to 225 D-sized prints per hour – and does so without requiring you to invest in expensive specially-coated paper.
Furthermore, the device's small footprint makes it an attractive addition to any busy printing floor. It lets print process owners save on space, supplies, and maintenance through a number of clever engineering adjustments. For instance, it uses a single system for both color and monochrome work, reducing the number of different mechanical components that need to work together to produce quality prints.
The Océ Colorwave 500 prints large-format documents in breathtaking full color. Thanks to Canon's dry-toner technology, graphics-quality full-exposure prints are dry instantly upon printing – unlike other wide-format printers that force organizations to wait for prints to dry, exposing them to the possibility of smearing and damage in the process. Use the Océ Colorwave to immediately handle, stack, and fold large-format documents upon printing.

The Canon Océ PlotWave 345/365 – Affordable Monochrome Plots

If you don't need large-format color prints, this small, affordable plot printer is the ideal solution for your print room. It is a highly configurable printer with an extra-small footprint. The top delivery tray is engineered for air separation and neatly stacks and collates up to 50 E-sized plots.
The Plotwave is a highly detailed monochrome printer that creates high resolution documents at 600 x 1200 dpi. It is also one of the quietest printers of its type in the industry – it does not feature the noisy fans that were the cooling standard of previous generations of plot printers.
The PlotWave features Océ Image Logic technology, which automatically compensates for color saturation problems, converting brightly-colored or high-contrast originals to clean, high-resolution black-and-white prints. It also compensates for wrinkles and other imperfections in the original copy, and detects the dimensions of original documents automatically. The PlotWave features Radient Fusing allowing instantaneous warm up for the machine, increasing your productivity.

The Océ ColorWave 910 – Unprecedented Speed and Printing Power

Whereas the two Océ printers mentioned above are small-format devices meant to combine affordability with efficiency, the Océ ColorWave 910 is a powerhouse wide-format printer designed to handle the most challenging jobs with ease.
This printer is the centerpiece of a digital workflow that boosts productivity, decreases operating costs and improves print room flexibility for enterprise organizations. With a raw print speed of 12,000 square feet per hour, six incorporated media rolls, and an embedded stacker, print jobs that would previously take a week to complete now only take a single day.
This large-format printer uses five aqueous dyes in two-liter ink tanks. It prints at a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi, with droplet sizes of 1.2 picoliters. There is no parallel to the depth and vibrancy of its color palette – it even includes two sets of black ink to optimal optical density.
With a range of finishing options, operators can seamlessly switch between high-impact projects without having to spend expensive man-hours retooling or calibrating the device. It is compatible with the Océ Esterfold 5011 folder, the Océ Dual Tray High Capacity Stacker, and the Océ Deliver Tray, among a broad range of more advanced finishing options.


These are just three of the leading printers in the Canon Océ product line, which includes options and feature sets for every organization. Learn more about these powerful devices to identify which one has the productivity, efficiency, and feature set your company needs. Whether you need fast, vibrant color prints or affordable monochrome plotting, there is an Océ printer for you.

We sell and service the full Océ Product Line, which is the number-one Wide Format product in the world. Supported by personnel with more than 40 years of combined experience. All units have on board 36-inch color scanning with up 42-inch output, and an Océ accounting manager for job tracking and cost recovery. Please Contact Gerald Williams at 425-425-229-1631 for more details or a private demonstration!

Friday, March 16, 2018

App Spotlight – Xerox Easy Translator Automates Document Translation

How much do you spend on translating multilingual documents?
Most companies either hire or outsource translation specialists for this purpose. Until recently, there has been no other option.
While hiring in-house translators can be a worthwhile investment, it puts a strain on other core functions that would otherwise be handled by staff allocated to translation processes. In order to cover the cost of paying a full-time translator's salary, you need to be sure that you will have constant need for translation services for the foreseeable future.
Organizations frequently address this issue by hiring professional translation service firms. On one hand, professional service firms guarantee top-quality translations, but at a cost that allows them to retain top talent in the competitive translation industry.
On the other hand, outsourced freelance translators often charge much lower rates. However, their services may not offer the same degree of quality or reliability – particularly when an entire company puts its faith in a single individual for the purpose.
Xerox's suite of ConnectKey printer apps addresses this problem by allowing companies to access cloud-based automatic translation services directly from any ConnectKey-enabled printer or multifunction device. Now, businesses can enjoy on-the-fly translation of important documents using industry-leading automated technology.

Automate Document Translation to Address Common Pain Points

Businesses that rely on translating documents – whether for internal or for external use – often run into the following problems:
• Both professional and freelance translation services slow down product and service deliveries, and neither can be reliably sped up without sacrificing translation quality or increasing costs.
• Traditional translation processes are labor-intensive. There is no way to adequately, reliably scale translation on an ad-hoc, project-by-project basis.
• Paper documents are difficult to translate without first investing in optical character recognition (OCR) technology that transforms the paper document into a digital one – if the document's language is supported by the OCR application.
Xerox ConnectKey addresses these issues by giving organizations the ability to translate documents to and from 40 languages. The Easy Translator application supports major global languages like French, Arabic, and Spanish as well as smaller regional languages like Lithuanian and Hmong Daw.
Xerox uses a cloud-based, artificially intelligent translation system that uses ConnectKey-enabled printers' OCR technology to instantly create digital versions of paper documents and then sends the digital document through a secure connection to Xerox translation servers.
Using this service, you can reliably scale document translation on an as-needed basis. Subscribe for as few as 10 pages per year or obtain as many as 100,000 pages per year of automated document translation.
There are no up-front hardware costs for implementing Xerox Easy Translator. Simply download it from the ConnectKey App Gallery and begin sending your documents in for automatic translation.

Scalable Human Translation Available Through Easy Translate

While AI translation is undergoing rapid development, there are cases when you need dependable access to a human translation service with the same degree of immediacy that automated translation offers.
Through the Easy Translate app, you can harness the power of human translators faster and more reliably than with professional service providers and freelancers. In addition to completely automated translation, Xerox offers three levels of professional human translation.
Express. This is the quickest and most affordable translation option. A bilingual human translator will edit machine-generated copy for accuracy and style.
• Professional. With professional-level translations, a trained native speaker translates your document and then sends it to an editor for verification before returning the document to you.
Expert. The most challenging documents require expert translation. If your document has high-level content and uses industry-specific jargon, Xerox can have a bilingual expert on the document's subject translate the document from its original language to the target language, achieving native-level translation.
All of these translation services are available through the ConnectKey platform. Simply download the Easy Translator app and use it whenever and wherever the need for translation arises.
Since ConnectKey is completely mobile-compatible, you can harness the power of instant document translation from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. Xerox OCR technology makes the process as simple as taking a photograph of the document you wish to translate and sending it to the company through the Easy Translator application.

Ready to find out how Xerox Easy Translator can streamline your multilingual workflow? Learn more by contacting QBSI-Xerox and speaking with a Xerox ConnectKey expert.