Friday, May 4, 2018

Speaking of Work – Did You Get Your Free Copy?

Xerox spent 2017 hard at work. Between updating the ConnectKey App Gallery to provide new,
innovative functionalities and putting together the foundation of its merger with Fuji Xerox, the
company also engaged world-class authors in an impressive project called Set the Page Free.
The project culminated with the release of a collaborative ebook written by 14 world-famous
creators in a globe-spanning process that made full use of Xerox technology. The ebook, entitled
Speaking of Work, is now available for free download, as well.
Speaking of Work is the product of Xerox's commitment to advancing and developing methods
of communication. Streamlining the exchange of ideas has always been a core foundation of
Xerox's business objectives, from the world-changing invention of the Xerox 914 to the release
of ConnectKey.
To make this book possible, the company equipped 14 world-class creators with Xerox technology
and sponsored the creation of a collaborative work. In collaboration with Worldreader and the
92nd Street Y, the company succeeded in putting together a new process-oriented workflow that
is location- and language-independent.

Who Worked on Speaking of Work?

Many of the creators who contributed to Speaking of Work hail from the world of literature.
For example, Alain Mabanckou (Broken Glass, Black Bazar), Joyce Carol Oates (We Were
the Mulvaneys, Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?), and Sloane Crosley (The Clasp,
I Was Told There'd Be Cake) contributed.
But it is not just a collaborative work of highly regarded authors. Award-winning graphic designer
Chip Kidd and singer-songwriter Aimee Mann contributed as well. Each individual has a story to tell
and uses the framework Xerox provided to tell it.

State-of-the-Art Collaboration Made Possible by Xerox

Xerox dedicated eight technologies to the making of Speaking of Work.
• Xerox ConnectKey. ConnectKey was an integral part of the Speaking of Work workflow. It provided
the contributors with a reliable framework for remote collaboration using ConnectKey-enabled
multifunction devices.
• Print Authentication. Authors sharing their creative works with one another from halfway across
the globe need to be sure their words end up in the right hands. Xerox print authentication ensures
that each user has complete control over who, how, and when their data is shared.
• Xerox DocuShare Flex. DocuShare Flex is a collaborative platform that uses cloud technology to
offer document management to remote teams. It was a critical element of the collaborative
workflow that produced this book.
• Voice Recognition. The authors who contributed to Speaking of Work did not need to remember
and type out 14 different email addresses or workgroup configurations to collaborate with one
another. Voice recognition technology let them simply call one another by name when sending
manuscripts back and forth.
• Xerox Easy Translator. Not all of the authors included write exclusively in English. Valeria Luiselli
wrote her most well-known works in Spanish. Born in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, Alain
Mabanckou writes in French and speaks several Bantu languages. Xerox Easy Translator offers
on-the-spot translation for easy and accurate cross-cultural communication.
• Print by Xerox. The Print by Xerox app allows mobile users to directly print and scan documents
from any Android or iOS device. With this tool in hand, users have unlimited access to print
resources anywhere they go, allowing for unprecedented on-the-job flexibility.
• Xerox Print and Scan for Google Drive. Some of the book's collaborators already use Google
Drive, and others were unfamiliar with the platform. Xerox bridged the gap between both camps
by allowing the entire team to integrate intuitively with Google Drive.
• Xerox Print and Scan for DropBox. Xerox ConnectKey works with all major cloud storage
platforms, including DropBox. By enabling easy, intuitive access to every platform, contributors
with entirely different workflows could easily communicate with each another.

The Cause: Developing Worldwide Literacy

Set the Page Free is the product of a partnership between Xerox, Worldreader, and the 92nd
Street Y. Together, these organizations are working towards a better future – a world in which
illiteracy is eradicated and education is available for everyone.
Worldreader, with the help of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, offers 40,000+ book titles to a
world community of over 500,000 readers. Founded in 2010, the organization has reached a
total of 7.5 million individuals during the course of its activities, providing books and e-readers
to people living in areas without access to libraries or sufficient municipal infrastructure for literacy.
The 92nd Street Y is a world-class cultural and community center in New York City. It runs
education outreach programs focused on bringing literacy to the disadvantaged, helping both
children and adults to learn to read and write.

Are you ready to set the page free and implement on-the-go creativity for your employees?
Talk to a QBSI-Xerox expert about your needs and we'll develop a Xerox-powered solution for you.

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