Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Now of Inkjet – Xerox Trivor 2400

If you think inkjet printing hasn’t changed in recent years then you haven’t seen the major steps made by the Xerox Trivor 2400 HF Inkjet Press. This incredible machine has been designed to be scalable and can fit into busy operations to meet the needs of your business. High performance doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when describing the Xerox Trivor 2400. Let’s take a closer look.

Enjoy Modern Comforts with Professional Results

The press interface manages everything from a sleek hub attached to the Trivor 2400. This hub has the capability to manage multiple data streams and can be scaled to suit all configurations available with this press. Color management capabilities are also offered through the interface. With this press interface you have smarter, more capable management right at your fingertips. A modern user interface also makes operation more simple and intuitive. The technology you interact with should match the technology packed into this press. Instead of fumbling through poorly designed menus, you can easily interact with the Trivor 2400 to get the job done quickly and easily.

The Web Cleaner - Amazing Results from a New Design

This essential piece of equipment controls and cleans dirt and any contamination within the printer’s web (or rolls) – ultimately improving productivity. The newly designed web cleaner may catch some off guard. The size has been reduced greatly from other web cleaners you may have seen in the past. The technology used to clean the web before printing is much like a lint roller. The sticky surface of the roller can pick up even the smallest particles from the web before the ink is applied. This ensures the best, most consistent printing results.

High Speed, High Capacity

The Xerox Trivor 2400 can manage up to 250 feet per minute of color printing. This is partly due to the new high speed, high capacity dryers that are present within the press. Print more with professional results free of smudging or smearing thanks to the newly designed dryers that are ready to keep up with whatever you have to throw at them. Both infrared and forced air is used to get the job done as fast as possible.
The single tower setup makes the Trivor 2400 a powerful machine with a surprisingly small footprint. This is truly a next generation press from the incredible features right down to the stunning appearance.

Automated Optimization On-The-Fly

The intelligent scan bar is automatically able to optimize printing without outside input. This massively increases productivity and efficiency with the ultimate goal of producing the best results possible. The scanner can detect any missing jets and compensate during printing. In addition, the intelligent scan bar is able to manage density optimization automatically. All of this happens without user input or effort. The Xerox Trivor 2400 makes getting quality printing work completed easier than ever.

More Options, Less Headache

The HD Inks used in the Trivor 2400 allow you to use a wider range of media types. There is no need to only use inkjet treated stock to guarantee the best results. You can now also use untreated or offset coated stock as well as inkjet treated stock with matte, silk, or gloss finishes for your printing job. This ultimately allows for greater flexibility and control when planning each individual job.
The Trivor 2400 has also been designed to be scalable and customizable. This means you can choose the right setup for today while also giving yourself the opportunity to upgrade in the future as required. This makes the cost of scaling much more easy to manage and also makes it faster to implement upgrades in order to manage your growing business. Plus, as technology evolves, you will be able to implement and scale accordingly without feeling left behind.

Endless Printing Possibilities

The speed, capacity, scalability, and flexibility of the Xerox Trivor 2400 is perfect for production printing applications no matter what your needs are. The new inks available can help you reduce paper costs and expand application possibilities when printing to ensure no need is left unsatisfied. Plus, on-the-fly automation and optimization reduces the need for outside processes that could delay or slow down printing. Instead, your businesses efficiency is put top-of-mind with the latest printing technology available in an all-in-one solution.
Want to learn more about the incredible Xerox Trivor 2400? Contact QBSI-Xerox for a thorough introduction and benefits analysis. Discover how this next generation technology can take your production printing business to the next level.

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