Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Efficiencies Gained From Workplace Automation

Every business from the smallest mom and pop shops to the largest enterprise is constantly looking for ways to increase their workplace efficiency. With today’s technology, automation is often the top choice for businesses that are looking to increase efficiency. However, what kind of automation will provide the best results and what kinds of new efficiencies can businesses expect? Will the time and budget cost meet expectations? Before you jump into automation, it’s important to understand the efficiencies your business can gain.

Enjoy Automated Quality Assurance

No matter what business you are in you probably care a lot about the quality of service delivered to your clients or customers. This is the reason brands like McDonalds and Starbucks have grown to be as large as they have. The quality is predictable and repeatable no matter what location you visit. Using automation you can guarantee timelines and, in turn, quality for a wide range of tasks.
One of the top customer service complaints is slow response time. Automated email follow ups, automated tasks, and automated service options are all ways to reduce instances of this type of complaint. Automating small tasks can improve quality, efficiency, and reduce customer complaints. The reduction in complaints could then mean less time spent resolving customer issues which is another efficiency gain in itself.

Automation Can Drastically Reduce Costs

There are a variety of businesses in operation today across all industries. Despite their countless differences, there is one thing that rings true for every single business in existence; you need to make more money than you spend. When decision makers look at automation solutions, the usual reason is to find efficiencies in their business and, ultimately, save money. The million dollar question is obviously, “Does automation actually save money?”
Estimates suggest that automation can equal cost savings of up to 75%. That’s a significant consideration for any business no matter its size or operating budget. Those cost savings can be redirected into new products, expansion, pay raises, additional hiring, or any number of other business expenses.

Turn Downtime into Work Time

Most people don’t work non-stop throughout their day from 9 until 5. There are a number of personal or work tasks that take attention away from activities that actually contribute to the success of the business. Of course, automation can’t make lazy people work any harder. However, with employees admitting to wasting up to one hour per day, automation can turn wasted down time into productive work time.
Think about your own business for a moment. Are there tasks that could be automated which would then free up employees to increase their productivity? Do some “time wasting” tasks often take precedence over other, more important tasks? Automation may not kill off online shopping on work hours, but automation can help you streamline your operation and make the most of your employee’s time on the clock.

Dress for Success with Automation

You have probably heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Workplace automation is like a fancy, three piece suit. An efficient workplace is a professional workplace. Who do you think your clients want to do business with: the business with automated, timely processes or the business that always seems to be flying by the seat of its pants?
Simple tasks like automated service reminders, regular follow ups after a sale has been made, or tracking and replenishment of supply can go a long way in presenting a professional appearance to your clients. Not only that, but automating these tasks gives your employees more time to do what they do best which is enhance the customer experience through personal connections. While your competition has their employees running around putting out fires or completing mundane tasks, your employees are networking and building relationships. What scenario do you think adds to the bottom line?

Embrace the Automated Workplace

Workplace automation is coming whether you want to embrace it not. Will you be on the cutting edge or playing catch up? Automation does not have to be a scary word. It does not mean job loss or workforce reduction. What automation does allow is for machines and technology to complete simple tasks while leaving humans to focus on providing superior service levels.
How will you integrate automation into your workplace? QBSI-Xerox can help you ensure your workplace is ready for the future. Contact us and see the automation solutions you can integrate today as well as how you can ensure you’re ready for the next big thing before your competitors.

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