Friday, March 16, 2018

App Spotlight – Xerox Easy Translator Automates Document Translation

How much do you spend on translating multilingual documents?
Most companies either hire or outsource translation specialists for this purpose. Until recently, there has been no other option.
While hiring in-house translators can be a worthwhile investment, it puts a strain on other core functions that would otherwise be handled by staff allocated to translation processes. In order to cover the cost of paying a full-time translator's salary, you need to be sure that you will have constant need for translation services for the foreseeable future.
Organizations frequently address this issue by hiring professional translation service firms. On one hand, professional service firms guarantee top-quality translations, but at a cost that allows them to retain top talent in the competitive translation industry.
On the other hand, outsourced freelance translators often charge much lower rates. However, their services may not offer the same degree of quality or reliability – particularly when an entire company puts its faith in a single individual for the purpose.
Xerox's suite of ConnectKey printer apps addresses this problem by allowing companies to access cloud-based automatic translation services directly from any ConnectKey-enabled printer or multifunction device. Now, businesses can enjoy on-the-fly translation of important documents using industry-leading automated technology.

Automate Document Translation to Address Common Pain Points

Businesses that rely on translating documents – whether for internal or for external use – often run into the following problems:
• Both professional and freelance translation services slow down product and service deliveries, and neither can be reliably sped up without sacrificing translation quality or increasing costs.
• Traditional translation processes are labor-intensive. There is no way to adequately, reliably scale translation on an ad-hoc, project-by-project basis.
• Paper documents are difficult to translate without first investing in optical character recognition (OCR) technology that transforms the paper document into a digital one – if the document's language is supported by the OCR application.
Xerox ConnectKey addresses these issues by giving organizations the ability to translate documents to and from 40 languages. The Easy Translator application supports major global languages like French, Arabic, and Spanish as well as smaller regional languages like Lithuanian and Hmong Daw.
Xerox uses a cloud-based, artificially intelligent translation system that uses ConnectKey-enabled printers' OCR technology to instantly create digital versions of paper documents and then sends the digital document through a secure connection to Xerox translation servers.
Using this service, you can reliably scale document translation on an as-needed basis. Subscribe for as few as 10 pages per year or obtain as many as 100,000 pages per year of automated document translation.
There are no up-front hardware costs for implementing Xerox Easy Translator. Simply download it from the ConnectKey App Gallery and begin sending your documents in for automatic translation.

Scalable Human Translation Available Through Easy Translate

While AI translation is undergoing rapid development, there are cases when you need dependable access to a human translation service with the same degree of immediacy that automated translation offers.
Through the Easy Translate app, you can harness the power of human translators faster and more reliably than with professional service providers and freelancers. In addition to completely automated translation, Xerox offers three levels of professional human translation.
Express. This is the quickest and most affordable translation option. A bilingual human translator will edit machine-generated copy for accuracy and style.
• Professional. With professional-level translations, a trained native speaker translates your document and then sends it to an editor for verification before returning the document to you.
Expert. The most challenging documents require expert translation. If your document has high-level content and uses industry-specific jargon, Xerox can have a bilingual expert on the document's subject translate the document from its original language to the target language, achieving native-level translation.
All of these translation services are available through the ConnectKey platform. Simply download the Easy Translator app and use it whenever and wherever the need for translation arises.
Since ConnectKey is completely mobile-compatible, you can harness the power of instant document translation from your smartphone, anywhere in the world. Xerox OCR technology makes the process as simple as taking a photograph of the document you wish to translate and sending it to the company through the Easy Translator application.

Ready to find out how Xerox Easy Translator can streamline your multilingual workflow? Learn more by contacting QBSI-Xerox and speaking with a Xerox ConnectKey expert.

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