Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Document Management for Small Business

Has it ever occurred to you that small business is the perfect client to adopt a certified Document Management System? Who needs more resources for growth and less capital than a small startup or single or double agent business?
Consider Jane Smith Insurance. (Not her real name.) Jane had worked in the health insurance industry for over 20 years in administration for a big corporate provider. She noticed there was a real need for small business health plan counseling that often went unnoticed by the larger companies. With her husband close to retirement, Jane began her own agency focusing on those companies. With two computers in their home office, a few file cabinets and a small scanning copier Jane began Jane Smith Insurance. With Jane’s industry background and her husband’s great personality and talent for answering customer inquiries, their insurance practice began to grow.

Soon customer service began to slip. Keeping track of documents and providing immediate answers to inquiries presented a problem…It was time to open an office and hire assistants to keep track of the activity associated to their growing practice…or was it?

With a small business implementation of DocuWare and a back file conversion of existing files Jane and her husband were able to grow their client portfolio to over 400 businesses. They decided to hold the line at 400, as that was the sweet spot where they could continue to provide excellent customer service and manage their client base without adding employees. Frankly they liked the control they had of their business and quality! Their investment in scanning, software and copiers was less than $5000.00. That system today can be leased with a buyout at term end for less than $125.00 per month!

Today Jane and her husband are really retiring. Their practice is worth double the amount of a similar practice because every bit of intellectual, marketing, payment, enrollment and claim information is safely contained within their DocuWare system. They are building a luxury condo in South America, and passing the torch to another entrepreneur. 

Still think Document Management isn’t for small business?

Let us at the Northwest Group (CTX, QBSI, Pinnell) assist you with workflow optimization.


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