Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top 10 Tips To Running Your Copier This Leap Day

Today is leap day and because of this I thought it was appropriate to include some tips and tricks to running your copier effectively.

1.) Don't place the copier near a vent or window, fluctuation in temperature and light will adversely affect the copier output, particularly with color copiers.

2.) When in doubt reboot.  Make sure you know where the main on/off switch is on the machine.  This will be helpful with about 60% of all problems.

3.) Paper really does matter.  If you get 100% recycled paper or the cheapest paper you can find to run through the copier, realize that you will dramatically increase the paper dust in the machine and thus the likelihood of paper jams.

4.) When frustration sets in... Pause, hit the clear all or reset button and start over. Refrain from hitting, kicking or smacking the copier, resist temptation.

5.) Name someone the Copier Guru.  This person will actually know the copier, change the toner and ensure that it is working and when it isn't will know who to call.  It is unlikely that you can expect everyone to take their part in learning the copier.

6.) Put your pages (portrait or hamburger) in the document feeder the same way the paper is in the tray, this will lesson the confusion when trying to double-side and do any other finishing options.

7.) Look for images or stickers on the trays, they usually will help you figure out which direction paper goes in drawer (face-up/face-down/top/bottom).

8.) Place a cheat sheet or user guide near by and let people know where it is. Everyone learns differently and some people love to read the user guide... go figure!

9.) Copiers are usually defaulted to Auto Paper Select, if copying small sizes or to avoid any output malfunctions, you can always override this and select a specific drawer.

And the 10th tip to using a copier effectively is... (drum roll)

10.) Most problems are user error, don't fight the copier, it is on your side!

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  1. You have great tips here, I learned a lot. I didn't know that the quality of paper affects copiers. I am looking for a new copier. I will make sure we stock it with quality paper so it doesn't get jammed.

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