Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Xerox® Versant™ 2100

We are excited to announce the new 
Xerox® Versant™ 2100!

The Xerox® Versant™ 2100 is a revolutionary new product that gives you the amazing color control and automation tools found on the Xerox 800 and 1000 but with a modular design that allows a much smaller footprint.

The Xerox® Versant™ 2100 Press can help streamline your operation and make you more competitive and indispensable in a number of ways:
  • Less waste—print in exact quantities
  • Less downtime—Xerox® Connect Advantage means more press availability
  • Improved efficiency—fewer steps and less operator intervention
  • Reduced turnaround times—less trial and error means jobs are produced and in your customers’ hands more quickly
  • Automated workflow—reduced labor costs and more accurate output

Automation is key!

When you tap into this burgeoning demand for short runs, quick turnarounds and personalized print, and have the hundreds of jobs you need to print in a day to get a return on your investment, the sobering truth can settle in.  Fifty to 100 or more jobs in a day simply can’t be produced using the same processes and equipment as in the past.

The Xerox® Versant™ 2100 Press brings together automation from beginning to end to make it possible—and productive—to produce the greater number of smaller jobs that now characterize the print marketplace.
  • Automation that makes job setup faster
  • Automation that makes it easier to get outstanding, consistent color
  • Automation that opens up new areas of finishing versatility
For a demonstration of the new addition to the Xerox product line, let us know:

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  1. Is it Xerox fine machine for office purposes and what about the Kyocera who's Cartridge Set Pack is easily available in market both compatible and branded?