Monday, November 7, 2011

Welcome to NWG

Welcome to the Northwest Group's Technology Blog.  First a little history...
The Northwest Group is comprised of three sister companies, Copytronix (CTX), QBSI, and Pinnell. Each company covers a different geographical area within Oregon and Washington.  The Northwest Group is part of Global Imaging Systems.  Each company has their own history and story on how they became a part of the Northwest Group which can be found in depth on their individual website.

In 2007, Global Imaging Systems and all of it's operating units became a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Corportation. This created an incredible benefit to our customer base by not only giving Global more national power but also allowing us to sell and support the Xerox product line.  We are able to take a consultative approach to providing solutions by building relationships.  It is by truly understanding our customers and their business that we are able to provide the appropriate solution and increase their productivity.

This blog is to share information with you, because as the experts in the business, we feel it necessary to communicate and share that knowledge so that your business can continue to grow.  We will share case studies, new products, new software solutions, recommendations, statistics, whatever we feel will benefit you.  So please read, respond, interactive and enjoy. Thanks!

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